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Motion Graphics

2D illustrations


  • John Poole
  • Catie Dull


Oct 2021 – Dec 2021

Episode 1 – Snail Venom

The humble cone snail is actually a deadly sea predator. Its powerful venom can paralyze and kill its prey, but researchers are studying it as a potential medicine. TED Radio Hour’s Manoush Zomorodi shares chemical biologist Mandë Holford's research on how snail venom can fight cancer and alleviate pain.

Episode 2 – Meat

Scientists have found a way to grow real meat without killing any animals in the process. But what does that even look like? And can it be done on a larger scale?

We have two eyes for depth perception and two ears for sound localization, but why do we need two nostrils?

p.s. one of the animated nostrils is mine ;)

What would a Thanksgiving meal look like that was actually native to the Americas? Chef Crystal Wahpepah knows. Her goal at Wahpepah’s Kitchen is to introduce people to her culture – and remind them whose land we're living on. Eating can be a way of paying homage to food and traditions that existed way before the Pilgrims got here.

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